sep 152012

From Elder of Ziyon:

I made this as fair as I could, trying to find the best correspondence between respective statements and taking out some of the partisan rhetoric.

Democratic   Platform

Republican   Platform


President Obama and the   Democratic Party maintain an unshakable commitment to Israel’s security. A   strong and secure Israel is vital to the United States not simply because we   share strategic interests, but also because we share common values. Israel and the United States are part of the great fellowship of   democracies who speak the same language of freedom and justice, and the right   of every person to live in peace. The security of Israel is in the vital   national security interest of the United States; our alliance is based not   only on shared interests, but also shared values.
Despite budgetary   constraints, the President has worked with Congress to increase security   assistance to Israel every single year since taking office, providing nearly   $10 billion in the past three years. The administration has also worked to   ensure Israel’s qualitative military edge in the region…. We have deepened   defense cooperation – including funding the Iron Dome system – to help Israel   address its most pressing threats, including the growing danger posed by   rockets and missiles emanating from the Gaza Strip, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. We affirm our unequivocal commitment to Israel’s security and will ensure   that it maintains a qualitative edge in military technology over any   potential adversaries.
President Obama and the   Democratic Party seek peace between Israelis and Palestinians. The U.S. seeks a comprehensive and lasting peace in the Middle East,   negotiated between the parties themselves with the assistance of the U.S.,   without the imposition of an artificial timetable. Essential to that process   will be a just, fair, and realistic framework for dealing with the issues   that can be settled on the basis of mutually agreed changes reflecting   today’s realities as well as tomorrow’s hopes.
A just and lasting   Israeli-Palestinian accord, producing two states for two peoples, would   contribute to regional stability and help sustain Israel’s identity as a   Jewish and democratic state. We support Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state with secure,   defensible borders; and we envision two democratic states – Israel with   Jerusalem as its capital and Palestine – living in peace and security,
There will be no lasting   peace unless Israel’s security concerns are met….We will insist that any   Palestinian partner must recognize Israel’s right to exist, reject violence,   and adhere to existing agreements. The Palestinian people must support leaders who reject terror, embrace   the institutions and ethos of democracy, and respect the rule of   law.  Israel   should not be expected to negotiate with entities pledged to her destruction.


The President is committed   to using all instruments of national power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear   weapons. Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability threatens America, Israel,   and the world. … America must lead the effort to prevent Iran from building   and possessing nuclear weapons capability.
President Obama believes   that a diplomatic outcome remains the best and most enduring solution [for   Iran.]. At the same time, he has also made clear that the window for   diplomacy will not remain open indefinitely and that all options – including   military force – remain on the table. But we have an obligation to use the   time and space that exists now to put increasing pressure on the Iranian   regime to live up to its obligations and rejoin the community of nations, or   face the consequences. We express our respect for the people of Iran, who seek peace and aspire   to freedom. Their current regime is unworthy of them. We urge the next   Republican President to unequivocally assert his support for the Iranian   people as they protest their despotic regime. We must retain all options in   dealing with a situation that gravely threatens our security, our interests,   and the safety of our friends.

Other Middle East topics

President Obama is committed   to maintaining robust security cooperation with Gulf Cooperation Council   states and our other partners aimed at deterring aggression, checking Iran’s   destabilizing activities, ensuring the free flow of commerce essential to the   global economy, and building a regional security architecture to counter   terrorism, proliferation, ballistic missiles, piracy, and other common threats. We recognize the historic nature of the events of the past two years –   the Arab Spring – that have unleashed democratic movements leading to the   overthrow of dictators who have been menaces to global security for decades.   In a season of upheaval, it is necessary to be prepared for anything. We   welcome the aspirations of the Arab peoples and others for greater freedom,   and we hope that greater liberty – and with it, a greater chance for peace –   will result from the recent turmoil.


Radical elements like Hamas and Hezbollah must be isolated because they   do not meet the standards of peace and diplomacy of the international   community. We call for the restoration of Lebanon’s independence, which those   groups have virtually destroyed. We support the transition to a post-Assad   Syrian government that is representative of its people, protects the rights   of all minorities and religions, respects the territorial integrity of its   neighbors, and contributes to peace and stability in the region. We offer a   continuing partnership with the people of Iraq, who have endured extremist   terror to now have a chance to build their own security and democracy. We   urge special efforts to preserve and protect the ethnic and religious   diversity of their nation.

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