Deir Yassin: Letter from Yisrael Galili

Deir Yassin

Letter from Yisrael Galili

Authenticating Meir Pail’s Testimony

Presented by the PEACE Middle East Dialog Group

This letter, vouching for the authenticity of Meir Pail’s version of the Deir Yassin massacre, was sent by Yisrael Galili, former head of the Haganah, to the manager of cultural activities at Kibbutz Hulda on 22/4/78. Uri Milstein in his book on the War of Independence cast doubt on Pail’s testimony, as did Morton Klein in the report he prepared for the ZOA. Pail and Raanan (Commander of the Irgun) had given contradictory versions of the Deir Yassin operation in talks at Hulda, and the manager of cultural activities asked Galili who was correct.



…photographs of the terrible occurrence. I gave the report to colleagues to read, and also to Ben-Gurion. I remember that comrades remarked on the report and the photographs. To my great surprise, I am unable to get the report from the IDF archives. Meir Pilevsky {Pail} was at that time a staff officer for special duties and in particular monitored the behavior of the dissidents in Jerusalem. He was put at the disposal of David Cohen, who was one of my assistants for this purpose, by the Palmach general staff. I am convinced that the testimony of M. P. {Meir Pail} is reliable, and I have never heard any doubt of its authenticity.

And again I apologize for the delay.

Wishing you a happy holiday,

Yisrael Galili



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